FIRST Values

Gracious Professionalism®
This term, coined by Dr. Woodie Flowers, shows that FIRST teams are competitive and strive to win, but respect their competitors in the process. You should not throw or cheat in a match or fake being happy for the winners, but instead play fairly and be kind whether you win or lose.
Coopertition is a combination of cooperation and competition. Similarly to Gracious Professionalism, this philosophy encourages teams to help others in the midst of competition. You should always try your best to win, but you should also assist others whenever possible.
FIRST Core Values
FIRST teams express the philosophies of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition through these Core Values:
  • Discovery – Exploring new skills and ideas
  • Innovation – Using creativity and persistence to solve problems
  • Impact – Applying our skills to improve our world
  • Inclusion – Accepting everyone and embracing differences
  • Teamwork – Working cooperatively to reach new heights
  • Fun – Enjoying and celebrating what we do
  • Crevolution and FIRST Values
    Our team strives to embody these philosophies and values throughout the season. Every year, we build a practice field and invite local teams to play with us. This allows our team to practice driving and get a better feel for the game while providing the opportunity to connect with other teams and let them do the same. Additionally, we send out a “Robo Rescue” team at competitions to assist other teams facing mechanical issues.


    Systems & Controls
    Controls is working on various aspects for the team including:
  • Rewiring the entire robot and components
  • Fixing up the robot rio
  • Working with the CNC machine
  • Collaborating with programming to setup new custom vision targeting solutions
  • Build
    Build is developing advanced prototypes of intakes with a focus on design accuracy.
    Programming is creating the code for the swerve drive train. They are also teaching the new recruits command-based programming. Programming is also creating an app to collect team data and a database that finds which teams would be best for potential alliances.
    Design is creating sub-assemblies for our robot. Currently, a main objective is getting the designs finalized for approval by the mentors as well as from other subteam leads.
    Business is working on:
  • Drafting the business plan
  • Sorting out the budget
  • Communicating with marketing regarding sponsorship tiers and money
  • Planning potential fundraisers
    Website Development
    Website Development is teaching its members fundamentals of coding in HTML and understanding the framework of the existing website.
    Outreach is working on the Outreach Documentation Form, FIRST Impact Award, and the Woodie Flowers Award.
    Marketing is designing the T-Shirts, and are contacting our T-shirt providers.


    Systems & Controls
    Electrical is fixing the past robot Daedalus.
    Build is developing advanced prototypes of intakes with a focus on design accuracy.
  • Finishing the robot's swerve chassis
  • Working on the lower frame
  • Preparing for the assembly of the robot
  • Programming
    Programming is working on adding encoders to the robot.
    Design is finishing:
  • Making the final drawings
  • The assemblies
  • Fixing errors
  • Business
    Business is:
  • Compiling a list of sponsors for our team shirts
  • Accepting sponsorships
  • Running team fundraisers
    Website Development
    Website Development is:
  • Uploading blogs to the website
  • Debugging
  • Simplifying the code
  • Outreach
    Outreach is finishing an essay for the FIRST Impact Award and writing a script for the paired video.
    Marketing is:
  • Overlooking changes to the website
  • Working on pins and shirt designs


    Systems & Controls
    Systems and Controls is improving our custom vision solution and working on the wiring for our robot.
    Build is making components for the assembly of our robot.
    Programming is working on:
  • The scouting app
  • Fixing bugs
  • April tags
    Design is:
  • Printing out schematics
  • Making sure build has the necessary parts
  • Sending drawings to sponsors to manufacture the complex components
  • Business
    Business is finishing the rough draft for the buisness plan and teaching the younger how to register for the official team roster.
    Website Development
    Website development is training our new members with more CSS and HTML practice.
    Outreach is wrapping up their work on the Chairman's video script for the Chairman's award.
    Marketing is planning our pin designs and finalizing sponsor logos for the team shirts.


    Systems & Controls
    Systems and controls members are completing the final wiring for the robot and starting to set up CAN IDs.
    Our build team is assembling the following important parts for our robot:
  • Lift
  • Claw
  • Intake
  • Bumper
    Programming is:
  • Working on the scouting app
  • Working with the Field Managment System
  • Debugging the robot's code
    Design is:
  • Finishing up its models
  • Identifying the necessary parts
  • Modifying the necessary parts
    Business is finalizing our team roster and revising the business plan.
    Website Development
    Website Development is working on updating Bootstrap and reformatting the sponsors page.
    Outreach on the Chairman's presentation video for the first impact chairman's award.
    Marketing is finalizing pin designs and our team shirts.


    Systems & Controls
    Systems and Controls is adding switches and fixing CAN issues.
    Build is:
  • Fixing the robot’s lift
  • Adding electrical components
    Programming is coding the robot and fixing bugs that arise.
    Design is taking pictures for the engineering notebook and writing explanations of their designs.
    Business is:
  • Working on pins
  • Distributing team shirts
  • Fixing the team roster
    Website Development
    Website development is adding sponsor logos to our website.
    Outreach is:
  • Editing the FIRST Impact Video
  • Working on the FIRST Impact presentation
  • Making team bracelets
    Marketing is making:
  • Pins
  • The banner
  • The robot plate